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Silvia Gaytán Barragan

Biby Gaytán, born Silvia Viviana Gaytán Barragán on January 27, 1972 in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, is Mexican singer and actress.

Three of her four brothers are in show business: musician Chacho Gaytán, actor Alejandro Gaytan, and singer Mano Gaytan. Her husband is singer/actor, Eduardo Capetillo. Raised in the state of Tabasco, Gaytán became famous to Mexican audiences in 1989 when she joined the musical group, Timbiriche.

In 1991, she was cast in the Televisa telenovela, Alcanzar Una Estrella II, co-starring Sasha Sokol, Ricky Martin, Erick Rubin, Angélica Rivera, Pedro Fernández, among others, as part of a fictional musical group called, Muñecos De Papel. Her song, Tan Sólo Una Mujer, was one of the most popular.

In early 1992, she was cast in what became the box office hit of the year, the film Mas Que Alcanzar Una Estrella. That same year, she got one of the leads in the soap opera, Baila Conmigo, along with singer/actor, Paulina Rubio, where she met Eduardo Capetillo, who would eventually become her husband. In December 1992, she released her first solo album, Mucha Mujer Para Ti. That album included the singles, Y Se Marcha Diciendo Perdon, No Me Importa, Mucha Mujer Para Ti, and Rock Cafe. In 1993, she starred in the telenovela, Dos Mujeres, Un Camino, alongside Erik Estrada. This telenovela became the most watched night-time drama of 1993 and 1994.

In 1998, both starred in the telenovela, Camila. One year later, the production of "Camila" ended. Rumors state that her husband Eduardo did not want BiBy to continue with acting and preferred that she raise their children while he pursued his singing career.

On June 25, 1994 at the top of her acting career, she married Capetillo and in the coming years had 3 children ;Eduardo Jr. (1994), Ana Paula (1997) and Alejandra (1999). In January 22, 2014 Gaytán announced expecting twins with her husband. In July 20, 2014 gave birth a twin boys Manuel and Daniel.


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